Wendy Kettle is a stress & leadership coach, enabling individuals and businesses to achieve their most ambitious, life-changing goals. With her background in health and finance, she focuses particularly on Harley Street practitioners, lawyers and I.T. professionals, especially those concerned about communication problems.

Wendy is an International Stress Management Association accredited coach, enabling her clients to manage their stress whilst also maintaining peak performance. She specialises in teaching clients how to develop a sense of spare capacity to enable them to make difficult decisions under pressure.

Wendy also gives talks and conducts workshops on health and wellness topics. Her latest venture involves heading up a partnership with Peter Brennan and Mary Attzs to offer innovative Shakespeare & Leadership workshops for business. Using the power of Shakespeare’s dialogue we open up current business and leadership issues. Together with HATS technology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) we move you forward into a successful future.

Stress Coaching

Stress Coaching

Do you feel tense? Have little time for yourself? Do you feel like a hamster on a wheel, with no idea how to get off? Has life lost its meaning and are you concerned that you have little or no work/life balance?

If so, I can teach you how to be much more resourceful and resilient and therefore successful!



Would you like increased confidence? To make better decisions and be elevated to another level? Maybe get to where you never dreamed possible?

Are you bored by the clichés of corporate training – which changes nothing?

Through Shakespeare & Leadership – featuring HATS state of the art technology – we can get you there!



Are you confused?

Do you lack fulfilment and are looking for something more in life?

I can help you find what really drives you, what you are really looking for – and more importantly find your ‘Why’? By re-connecting with your own internal power and something that’s bigger than yourself, you will find your true purpose.

To find out more about how I can help you...

Contact Wendy For A Complimentary Session

on 07876 012 925 or email growth@wendykettlecoaching.com

"Wendy helped me to smash through my own mental walls and put a plan in place to succeed"

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Wendy Kettle is also a Harrison Assessments & Talents Solutions (HATS) Consultant. Harrison Assessments are based on enjoyment/performance theory – that we perform better doing what we enjoy, and also the fact that humans are paradoxical in nature.

Using HATS state of the art technology, we can measure what is usually immeasurable, illuminating 23 traits and 175 competencies. For example, how diplomatic are you, but also how frank can you be? How do you make decisions? How do you enforce rules? And how can you manage to be both collaborative and authoritative at the same time?

From a single 30 minute on-line assessment I am able to pull off up to 42 personalised reports for you – including Paradox, Leadership and Sales Master. We then drill down into exactly what is holding you back – in order to make you much more successful!


Once you have seen your own Paradox Personality Profile you will never be the same again!